Why I do this...

Growing up we always had dogs and cats but Synamon was my first dog as an adult. She was a Pom-Poo mix that comforted me through a divorce and 3 state-to-state moves.

I had the joy of spoiling and adoring her for almost 18 years. After she passed, I looked for ways to memorialize her and was distraught to find only a couple of good pictures. Sure, I had tons of fun shots her playing in the snow, running in the ocean and just being silly. But only one was truly worthy of blowing up and printing on canvas.

Had I known that shot was going to be the "one", I would have slowed down and made sure it was beautifully composed, checked the lighting, tone, etc. We live and learn.

In the digital world of today and decent cameras on nearly every cell phone, it's not hard to capture a good shot but don't you want a GREAT shot? One that you can turn into a work of art and proudly display in your home or office? One that captures their personality, the love you have for them and the love they have for you?

Why choose Furry Family Photography?

I am a licensed photographer in the state of Arizona with a growing customer base and with FFP, you have the flexibility to buy the digital images and then print, blow up, reproduce anyway you see fit.

And unlike other event photographers, I offer a multitude of sizes as well as competitively priced products like cards, calendars, enlargements and canvases available that will get shipped from the printer straight to you.  The difference is "you are in control"!


My photo of a cute little rescue poodle was selected for the cover and the month of July for  the OPCA Shelter Network Alliance calendar for 2016.

Selected as second runner-up for the Iconic Arizona photo contest with AAA Travel Magazine with an early morning shot of a saguaro with Four Peaks in the background.

My photos were selected 3 times as the Photo of the Day on CaptureMyArizona.com website.

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